Report unsafe traffic situations

Have you spotted a dangerous intersection or a confusing crossing in The Hague? Report this to the municipality.

Reports made on driving style and behaviour will be forwarded to the police so that they can enforce the traffic laws.

Traffic experts will assess the reported location. If measures are needed, a plan will be drawn up. Because the plan often involves small modifications, it is often more efficient for the municipality to address a number of bottlenecks at the same time.

    When to make a report

    You can make a report for example if:

    • you think a traffic situation is confusing
    • a priority rule is unclear
    • containers, trees or bushes are obstructing the view
    • traffic lights are not coordinated correctly
    • cars are driving too fast in your street

    Needed for the report

    To report a problem to the municipality you need to provide the following information:

    • the street names of the dangerous spot
    • a description of what is making it dangerous


      Use the green button below to report dangerous traffic situations.

      Report a problem in the public space



      How long does it take?

      You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 3 working days. The confirmation will tell you which municipal department will deal with the problem you reported.