Report a sunken or uneven pavement

Have you spotted a sunken sidewalk or a cracked or damaged pavement? Report it to the municipality. The municipality will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Needed to make the report

To report a problem to the municipality you need to provide the following information:

  • the location of the damage (street plus house number or lamppost number)
  • where on the street the damage is located (sidewalk, cycle path, parking spot or roadway)
  • the type of paving (paving stone of 30x30, clinker bricks, asphalt)
  • the size of the damaged area (length x width in square metres)
  • the depth of the hole or collapsed ground
  • how dangerous the situation is
  • if possible: photos of the sunken sidewalk or damaged pavement


    You can report the problem online using this form:

      Report a problem in the public space



      How long does it take?

      The municipality will deal with the problem as quickly as possible. If you indicate in the form that you would like to know when the problem has been resolved, you will receive notification from the municipality.