Report overdue maintenance on rental home

Homes must meet certain requirements in order to be considered liveable. Is your home or a home in your street badly in need of maintenance and has the owner not made the repairs (on time)? Report this to the municipality.


Are you renting a home or a caravan? Then you need to first report the overdue maintenance to the owner of the property in writing. Only once it becomes clear that the owner is not willing to solve the problems (on time) then you can report this to the municipality.

Report overdue maintenance

The municipality will deal with your complaint as swiftly as possible. The particular situation will determine how fast it will follow up and what its approach will be. It is not always possible for the municipality to inform you about its actions.

Report overdue maintenance (form is in Dutch)



How long does it take?

The municipality will respond to your complaint within 10 working days. The municipality will investigate your complaint and assess the situation. If the maintenance situation does not comply with the requirements of the Building Decree (see the website of the Dutch government), the municipality can force the owner of the property to have the problems repaired. The owner can get a statutory repair notice on the property from the municipality.

Due to the coronavirus the municipality cannot always meet its deadline of 10 days. The municipality will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible.