Explanation about permit application for solar collectors and panels

When do you need to apply for a permit to place solar collectors or panels? Read what you need to pay attention to in your application.

If you would like to apply for a permit to place solar collectors and panels, the following questions are important when evaluating your application:

  • Where would you like to place them?
  • How will you secure them?
  • What type would you like to place?

This information is mainly relevant if the collectors or panels will be placed in a neighbourhood with protected status and on historic monuments.

You also have to indicate in your application exactly where they will be placed: which building and the precise spot on the building. You indicate this in a so-called site assessment or top view of the building.

Flat roof

Will the panels be placed on a flat roof? Then the distance from the panels to the edge of the roof is important. For a flat roof you need to provide the following information in your application:

  • the height of the panels relative to the roof,
  • the height of the edge of the roof relative to the adjacent area.

This way the municipality can assess whether these heights conform to the zoning plan. Sometimes the solar panels may exceed the allowed building height. The municipality will consider whether this breach is permissible when assessing the application. The Aesthetics and Monuments committee must also give a positive advice.

Photo impression

Sometimes a photo impression can make it clear how the project will look when it is finished. It is important to clearly indicate the exact measurements in the photo impression.


You may have to show calculations in your application which demonstrate that your roof construction can support the solar panels and that the construction of the solar panels is strong enough.

Monuments and areas with protected status

An all-in-one building permit is often required for an area with protected status. Sometimes you are allowed to place solar collectors or panels without a permit. You are allowed to secure panels without a permit on the sloping, green roof surface indicated below, if:

  • the building is not an historic monument
  • the roof surface is at the back of the building and is not oriented towards a street or park.

Is the building an historic monument? Then a permit is required for each roof surface.

Green roof surface at the back of the building

Information about monuments and areas with protected status can be found on the page Monumentenzorg.

Apply for a permit

Would you like to place solar collectors or panels for which a permit is needed? Go to the page Quick permits for minor building work.

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Published: 11 August 2020Modified: 11 August 2020