Exemption from low-emission zone

The Hague's downtown area has been designated a low-emission zone in order to keep the air clean. An exemption from the low-emission zone allows a truck which is ‘too polluting’ to still enter the area.

Trucks which emit too many pollutants may not enter the low-emission zone. But sometimes temporary access is still needed. For example, if your cleaner truck has not yet been delivered. For such cases, there is an exemption. You can apply for a 1-day exemption, or in some instances for a long-term exemption.

Conditions for 1-day exemption

  • A 1-exemption allows a truck considered ‘too polluting’ to enter the low-emission zone.
  • A 1-day exemption may be requested up to 12 times per calendar year and per number plate.
  • The 1-day exemption must be requested on the day you enter the low-emission zone.
  • This may be done after the fact, but it must be done on the same day. For example, if you enter the low-emission zone without a 1-day exemption at 13.00 hrs., you must apply for a 1-day exemption online before midnight on the same day.
  • The 1-day exemption takes effect at midnight on a certain day and ends at 6.00 hrs. on the following day.
  • The exemption is verified digitally on the basis of the number plate. It is therefore not necessary to display a proof of payment or an exemption in the truck.

Needed to apply for 1-day exemption

  • Copy of vehicle registration certificate for the truck
  • Date you would like to enter the low-emission zone

Fees for 1-day exemption

In 2021: € 30.80.

Apply for 1-day exemption application

Apply for a 1-day exemption

  • Apply for the 1-day exemption online. Your online application will be checked right away to see whether your truck is allowed access to the low-emission zone. This is done on the basis of your number plate. If the programme does not recognise your number plate, call the Permits and Enforcement division on tel. (070) 353 28 75.
    Let op!
    A 1-day exemption is valid only once you have received a confirmation from the municipality by email or letter that the exemption has been granted.

    Long-term exemption

    Sometimes a ban on driving within the zone is unreasonable or 12 1-day exemptions is not really the solution. One example is if companies have ordered clean trucks, but are still waiting for them to be delivered. Another example is if companies face bankruptcy if they have to purchase new cleaner trucks. In such cases, you can apply for a long-term exemption if you can back up your application with evidence. The duration of the exemption’s validity is determined on a case by case basis.

    • Apply for the long-term exemption using the ‘Special (long-term) exemption from the low-emission zones’ application form.
    Special (long term) exemption from the low-emission zones (in Dutch) (PDF, 191,3 kB)
    • Print out the form, complete it and send it together with the required documents to:
      Dienst Stadsbeheer
      Postbus 12651
      2500 DP Den Haag

    Needed for a long-term exemption

    • Copy of the vehicle registration certificate for the truck
    • Evidence that you meet the conditions. For example, a recent audit certificate stating that the company is unable to purchase a cleaner truck for financial reasons. In the case of the purchase of a new truck, send a copy of the proof of purchase stating the Euro class of the engine and the expected delivery date.

      Conditions for long-term exemption

      If you have to enter The Hague’s low-emission zone more often than 12 times a year with the same truck and therefore cannot make use of the 1-day exemptions, you may qualify for a long-term exemption. Long-term exemptions are granted if:

      • it can be demonstrated that the company is financially unable to purchase a cleaner truck and there are also no other options to meet the requirements of the low-emission zone (for example, by applying for 1-day exemptions, a maximum of 12 per number plate per year).
      • another truck which meets the requirements of the low-emission zone has been ordered, but which still needs to be delivered.
      • the truck is used for a hobby and regularly has to be in the low-emission zone.

        Fees for long-term exemption

        In 2021: € 151.40.

        Applying for an exemption for several number plates at 1 time will be regarded as 1 application. This means you only have to pay the administration fee 1 time.


          Do you disagree with the decision on your application for an exemption? And are you a stakeholder? Then you can submit an objection within 6 weeks after you are notified of the decision via www.denhaag.nl/bezwaar.

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