Apply for a passport and identity card without a fixed domicile

Do you have Dutch nationality but no fixed address or place of residence and is your travel document expiring? Then you can apply for a travel document at a number of municipalities.


  • You have Dutch nationality.
  • You are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) anywhere in the Netherlands.
  • The travel document remains the property of the state. This is why you may not throw it away or destroy it if it has expired. You must turn in your old passport if you apply for a new passport. Upon request, your old travel document can be made invalid so that you can keep it.
  • The municipality will assess on a case by case basis if you qualify for a travel document.


    • You need to make an appointment.
    • Contact the municipality. Your phone call will be returned within 3 working days in order to make an appointment.
    • You need to attend the appointment in person.
    • The municipality will phone you when your travel document is ready.
    • Collect your travel document from City Hall Spui in person. You must collect it within 3 months after you apply for it. After that the document will no longer be valid and the municipality is obliged to annul it. Would you like a travel document after this 3-month period? Then you will have to apply and pay for it again.

    Needed for the application

    • A passport photo. Strict rules apply to the passport photo. Read the requirements for photos on the website of the Dutch government.
    • All travel documents. Bring all your travel documents with you, including any foreign passports if you have more nationalities than only Dutch. The municipality will take back any expired Dutch travel documents.
    • Documents which can prove that you reside in the Netherlands.
      All possible statements which you can use to demonstrate that you have resided in the Netherlands as of the date you deregistered from the BRP up to the date of your application. These could be statements from welfare agencies, insurance papers, an employer’s statement, a residence permit, salary slips or bank statements. This is required to determine your nationality.
    • If you have gotten another nationality, then bring the documents show how and when you got this nationality.

      For your child

      Are you applying for a travel document for your child? Then you need the written permission of the parental authorities and your child must be present at the application appointment and when you collect the travel document. To give permission, use the Permission for a travel document form.

      Younger than 18 (passport) or younger than 12 (identity card)

      Are you younger than 18 years when applying for a passport or are you younger than 12 years when applying for an identity card? Make sure you have written permission from both parents or the parental authorities and bring their valid proof of identity. To get their permission, you can use the Permission for a travel document form.

      Permission for a travel document form (PDF, 103,1 kB)


      Has your passport been stolen? Then fill in a declaration of loss when you apply for a new travel document.


      • (business and second) passport for 18 years and older: € 110.40
      • (business and second) passport up to 18 years: € 92.55
      • identity card for 18 years and older: € 98.60
      • identity card up to 18 years: € 71

      Fees for 2020

      These fees must be paid upfront when you submit your application at City Hall Spui. You can pay in cash or use a bank card.

      How long does it take?

      • The application is deemed complete only once all the original documents have been received and no additional documents or investigation are required.
      • Most cases require further investigation; the procedure may then take up to 8 weeks.

        Duration of validity

        A passport and identity card are valid for 10 years if you are 18 years or older at the time of application. If you are under 18 years at the time of application, they are valid for 5 years. You can renew your passport and identity card at any time. You do not need to wait until they have expired.

        Good to know

        • You can apply for a travel document at the municipalities of The Hague, Enschede, Maastricht, Echt-Susteren, Oldambt, Montferland, Bergen op Zoom, Bergeijk, Venlo, Breda, Sluis and at the counter of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer at Schiphol Airport.
        • Do you need a translated document? Check which rules apply under Translating foreign documents.
        • Did you deregister from the Personal Records Database (BRP) after September 1994? Do you now have a home address in the Netherlands and do you want to register at that address in the BRP in that municipality but you only have an expired passport or identity card? You can also register in the BRP of the municipality in which you reside using an expired passport or identity card.
        • Do you have an alternative address? Apply for an identity card or passport at the municipality where that address falls.