Apply for a passport or business passport

Are you registered at the municipality? Then you can apply for a passport or business passport here.

How does it work?

You can apply for a passport at the municipal counter in City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office. This can be done by appointment only. You pay the fees when you apply. You can collect the passport at the municipal counter after 5 working days. You do not need to make an appointment to collect the document.


  • You have Dutch nationality, and
  • You are registered in the Municipality of The Hague.

If you are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), then read Passport and identity card for Dutch citizens abroad or Passport and identity card without a fixed domicile.

Needed to apply

Are you coming to apply for a passport? Then you need to take the following documents to the appointment:

  • A passport photo: strict requirements apply to the passport photo. For example, the passport photo may not be more than 6 months old at the date of application and must be a true likeness. Read all of the requirements for photos on the website of the Dutch government.
  • Your identity card and/or passport(s), including any foreign documents if you hold another nationality besides Dutch. The municipality will keep expired Dutch passports and/or identity cards. If you wish, they can be cancelled so that you can keep them.

Clean fingers

It is important that the tips of your fingers are free of blemishes (for example, paint) so that your fingerprints can be recorded. Read more on the website of the Dutch government.

Younger than 18 years

Children and youth under 18 years of age must appear in person when they apply for and collect their passport. They are also allowed to apply on their own. To apply they need:

For information on collecting a passport by an underage child (minor) see below 'Collecting the passport'.


  • Make an appointment to apply for a passport.
  • This appointment will be at the Department of Public Service counter at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office.
  • You make 1 appointment for a family. Indicate the number of passports needed in the 'aantal' field. For example 4 passports for 4 family members. Extra time will be reserved for you.
  • You must attend the appointment in person.
  • You need to collect your passport yourself, at the city office where you applied for it.

Make an appointment


  • (business) passport for 18 years and older: € 74.75
  • (business) passport up to 18 years: € 56.55
  • extra fee for expedited procedure: € 50.90

Fees 2021.

Let op!

These fees must be paid upfront when you submit your application. You can pay in cash or use a bank card at City Hall Spui. You can only use a bank card at the Leyweg City Office. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with a credit card.

You can also travel to a number of countries using a Dutch identity card. An identity card is less expensive. See which countries this applies to on the website of the Dutch government.

How long does it take?

5 working days. The pick-up receipt will state the date as of when you can collect your passport.

You have 3 months to collect your passport. After that the passport will be destroyed. Would you still like a passport after these 3 months? Then you have to apply and pay for it again.

Expedited procedure

Do you need a new passport urgently? Indicate during your appointment that you would like to use the expedited procedure. You will pay € € 50.90 extra for each expedited procedure on top of the regular application fees. You will then be able to collect your passport more quickly than if you would use the regular procedure.

If you submit the application before 14.00 hrs., you can pick up your passport after 2 working days. For example: if you submit it Monday before 14.00 hrs. you can collect it on Wednesday.

Collecting the passport

You must pick up your passport yourself. Nobody else is allowed to do this for you. You can collect your passport during the opening hours of City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office. You do not need to make an appointment to collect it.

Take with you

Are you coming to collect your passport? Then you need to take the following documents:

  • The pick-up receipt
  • Your current passport, if it has not yet expired. You will need to turn it in.

Younger than 18 years

An underage child between the ages of 12 and 18 years applying for a passport may collect the passport himself.
If a child is younger than 12 years, he must be accompanied by an adult over the age 18. This can be 1 of the parents or the person with parental responsibility or somebody else. Take the following documents when collecting the passport:

  • Written consent from a person with parental responsibility that the person accompanying the child is allowed to collect the passport.
  • A valid (copy of the) ID for the parent or person with parental responsibility. The signature on the consent form must match the signature on the ID for the parent or the person with parental responsibility.

Good to know

Duration of validity

A passport is valid for 10 years if you are 18 years or older at the time of application. If you are under 18 years at the time of application, the passport is valid for 5 years. You can renew your passport at any time. You do not need to wait until your passport has expired.

Business passport

Do you travel often? Apply for a business passport. This is a passport with additional pages (66 instead of 34 pages). You apply for it in the same way as a regular passport. When you apply for a business passport, you may not also apply for a regular passport. A business passport costs the same as a regular passport.

Name in passport

Your birth name will always appear in your passport, even if your marital status changes.

You can print the surname of your partner in your passport if you are married or you have a registered partnership. There are 3 ways of printing the name:

  • e/v: husband / wife of
  • p/v: partner of
  • w/v: widow / widower of

The partner's name will be printed after the abbreviation.

Property of the state

The passport remains property of the state. This is why you may not throw it away or destroy it if it has expired. You must turn in your old passport when you receive a new passport.

Home visit

Do you want to apply for a Dutch identity card but you are unable to visit a city district office in person? You may be entitled to a home visit (in Dutch). A home visit for the purpose of applying for a passport can only be arranged in exceptional cases for medical reasons.

Alternative address

Do you have an alternative address? Apply for a passport at the municipality under which that address falls.

Travelling alone with children

Are you planning to travel abroad with an underage child (younger then 18 years)? You almost always need permission from the other parent(s). Read more about this on the website of the Dutch government.

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