Switch the number plate on parking permit

Your resident's parking permit and parking permit for house guests are linked to your car’s number plate. Did you get a new car or do you temporarily have another vehicle? Inform the municipality of the change in number plate free of charge.

Change the number plate

You can switch the number plate on your parking permit a maximum of 4 times per calendar year. It makes no difference if you are doing this for a resident's parking permit or a parking permit for house guests. Changing the number plate is free of charge. You can park your new car as of the change of date you indicated.

You can change the number plate permanently or temporarily. To change a parking permit for house guests, choose 'Temporarily change number plate'.

Permanently change the number plate

Permanently change number plate

Temporarily change the number plate

Temporarily change number plate

You fill in the starting date and the date until when the change is in effect. You can make a temporary change in your number plate for a maximum of 1 month.

Did you you get your car back earlier than expected? Notify the municipality via 'Permanently change the number plate'.

Are you getting your car back later than you thought? Then this is again a temporary change. Notify the municipality via 'Temporarily change number plate'.

Confirmation by email

You will always receive a confirmation by email. Did you not receive an email? Then something went wrong when you completed the form. The municipality is not aware of the change. Try to change the number plate again.

Report a change via MijnDenHaag

You can report the change in number plate in MijnDenHaag. Log in to MijnDenHaag using your DigiD. If you do not have DigiD, you can apply for it via the DigiD website.

Report a change in number plate in MijnDenHaag

Switch number plate

No DigiD? Apply for your DigiD

Report a change in person

You can also report a change to a number plate at a municipal counter. To do this make an appointment for a temporary change or an appointment for a permanent change.

Documents needed for a permanent change

Did you purchase a new car, get a leased car or are you driving a company car? Then you need to take or send extra documents when reporting a change in number plate. This is not necessary when reporting a temporary change to your number plate.

These are the extra documents:

  • For a new car which has not yet been registered with the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW): a scanned copy of the proof of purchase, registration certificate 1A and 1B or your number plate card (the card which replaces the old registration certificate 1A and 1B).
  • For a leased car: a scanned copy of the lease contract in your name.
  • If you drive a company car on a permanent basis: a scanned copy of an employer's declaration.

    Report the change for someone else

    It is also possible to report a change in number plate for someone else at a municipal counter. This can be done by appointment only. The person reporting the change for you needs to bring the following:

    • his or her passport, Dutch identity card or driving licence
    • a copy of your passport, identity card or driving licence
    • a written letter of authorisation which you have signed giving the person permission to change the number plate on your behalf.