Pay for parking permit

Would you like to change the way you pay for your parking permit or would you like to change your bank account number? Have you missed the deadline for paying for your parking permit to be extended? Read about how you can arrange this.

Paying by direct debit

You can authorise the municipality to automatically deduct the charges for your parking permit from your bank account by setting up a direct debit order. You will then know for sure that the amount due will be transferred to the municipality on time. Request direct debit via MijnDenHaag or using the online form ‘Change parking permit’.

Request via MijnDenHaag

Log in to MijnDenHaag using your DigiD.

Request direct debit authorisation in MijnDenHaag

Request direct debit

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Change parking permit

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As of 1 January 2018 it will no longer be possible to pay in 2 instalments. The payment will be converted into 1 instalment for permit holders who make use of direct debit.
Would you rather not pay by direct debit or would you rather receive a bill? Then you can cancel your standing direct debit order up to a maximum of 6 weeks before your parking permit is extended.

Change bank account number

Do you have a standing direct debit order and do you have a new bank account number? You can inform the municipality of your new bank account number using the same online form. Or via MijnDenHaag. This cannot be done over the telephone.

Paying by bank transfer

Rather than pay by direct debit you can also opt to receive a bill. You will receive a letter 4 weeks before the permit expires requesting you to transfer the amount owed. Your parking permit remains valid only if you transfer this amount in full and on time.

You can also pay the bill online in MijnDenHaag.

You log in to MijnDenHaag using your DigiD. If you do not have DigiD, you can apply for it via the DigiD website.

Pay bill online in MijnDenHaag

Pay online

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The municipality will no longer send out acceptgiro payment slips after 1 January 2018.

Parking permit paid too late

Have you missed the deadline for paying for your parking permit? Then your permit loses its validity as of the day it is extended. You can still pay for it by transferring the amount due to IBAN NL83 BNGH 0285 1609 15, payable to GEM Den Haag DSB Park.

Include the 16-digit payment reference (betalingskenmerk) with your payment. If you do not have the payment reference, include the name, address and postal code of the permit holder, the type of parking permit, your KvK number if you have one and, if applicable, your permit number. When paying from abroad, note the BIC (swift code): BIC BNGHNL2G.

Your parking permit will regain its validity once the municipality processes your payment. The parking hours will be credited to the visitor's parking permit within 3 working days after the payment is processed.

Change payment details in writing or in person

You can also inform the municipality of changes to your parking permit by sending an email or a letter to the Municipal Parking Division. Would you rather stop by the counter in person? Make an appointment at the Municipality of The Hague.

Make an appointment