Cancel parking permit

Would you like to cancel your parking permit? You can do this online, in writing or at a municipal counter. You cannot cancel your parking permit by telephone. There is no fee to cancel your parking permit. You are advised to do this before the end of the permit period.

Are you cancelling your permit before the end of the permit period? Then you could get money back. The amount will be calculated as of the day the Municipal Parking Division receives your cancellation.

Are you entitled to get money back? You will receive the amount within 8 weeks after your cancellation is received. Please include your bank account number when you cancel your parking permit.

Cancel online

Would you like to cancel your parking permit? You can cancel your permit online via MijnDenHaag or by using the form below. Make sure you have your citizen service number (BSN) and your permit number or disabled parking card number. You can find your permit number on MijnDenHaag.

Cancel via MijnDenHaag

To cancel via MijnDenHaag log in with your DigiD.

Cancel online

Cancel using the online form either with or without DigiD.

Cancel parking permit

Cancel in writing

You can also cancel your parking permit by sending an email or a letter. Include the following in your email or letter:

  • your citizen service number
  • your address
  • your number plate and/or permit number(s)
  • the date your permit should stop

Send your email to

Send your letter to:
Gemeente Den Haag
Afdeling Parkeren
Postbus 12 651
2500 DP Den Haag

Cancel in person

You can also cancel your parking permit at a municipal counter. First make an appointment to do this.

Cancel after a death

In the event of a death a parking permit can be cancelled or transferred into the name of another member of the household. The relatives of the permit holder will receive a letter about this.