Medical assessment for disabled parking card or space

To determine if you as a driver or passenger have the right to a European Disabled Person's Parking Card or disabled parking space, you will get a medical evaluation.

A doctor or advisor from the Social Medical Care Department of the The Hague's Public Health Department (GGD/SMZ) will evaluate whether you meet the conditions and whether a medical assessment is needed.


Conditions for disabled parking card or space

You can get an individual disabled parking space or a European Disabled Person’s Parking Card if you meet 1 of the following conditions.

  • As a driver you cannot walk independently more than 100 metres at a time.
  • As a passenger you cannot walk independently more than 100 metres at a time
    and you are dependent on the help of the driver for door-to-door transportation.
  • You are confined to a wheelchair.

A visual disability does not qualify you for a disabled parking card.

Have you applied as a passenger for an individual disabled parking space? Then your partner or roommate's state of health will also be examined. It will be assessed whether he or she can assist you in getting in and out of a vehicle or in pushing a wheelchair. Do you believe this is not the case? Then he or she also needs to be medically assessed by a doctor from the GGD.Voeg hier de content toe

    Bring to the assessment

    • appointment cards for your visit to specialist(s)
    • medicines which you used up to a month before the visit or a printout from your pharmacy
    • medical information: diagnosis and limitations and since when you have been
      treated for this. This can include a printout from the GP file, letters from specialists or statements from your care providers
    • results of medical tests, such as lung capacity, stress test, fitness tests, asthma and other chronic obstructive diseases tests, X-rays


    The medical assessment costs € 222.85. An expedited medical assessment costs € 288.42.

    • The fees for the medical assessment must be transferred in advance to the municipality on IBAN NL85 BNGH 0285 1383 75 in the name of Gem. Den Haag GGD/SMZ with the reference medical assessment and the name and initials of the applicant. You will not be able to pay these costs at the GGD/SMZ counter.
    • In the event your application is rejected, the amount for the medical assessment will not be refunded. Are you requesting another medical assessment? Then you must pay the amount again.
    • If you withdraw the application after you paid, you can get a partial refund. You will then pay € 131.14. You will get back the difference.

    More information

    For more information about the medical assessment, call the Social Medical Care Department of the GGD on tel. (070) 353 71 02, available Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 10.00 hrs.

    Do you have a terminal illness? Then call the Municipal Parking Division.