Disabled resident's parking permit

A disabled resident's parking permit enables you to park your car in all paid parking spaces in The Hague without paying.


Due to the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, The Hague’s Public Health Department (GGD Haaglanden) is currently not conducting any medical assessments. You will therefore not be able to apply for a European disabled person’s parking card, a disabled resident’s parking permit or an individual disabled parking space.

Do you already have a European disabled person’s parking card and would you like to notify the municipality of a change? Please contact the Municipal Parking Division.

Needed for your application

  • Do you drive a leased car? Then you must also include a copy of the lease contract in your name.
  • Do you drive a company car on a permanent basis? Then include a copy of a declaration by your employer.
  • Do you drive a car with a foreign number plate? Then you must include a copy of your car’s proof of ownership.


  • You are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) at an address in The Hague.
  • You have a valid European Disabled Person's Parking Card for drivers or the combination drivers/passengers.
  • You have a car in your name. The parking permit will be issued to this number plate.
  • You agree to paying for the permit with the annual direct debit and to the one-time administration charges.


  • The disabled resident's parking permit costs € 64.80 a year. There is a € 14.70 administration fee for the application.
  • Have there been several requests for a residents parking permit or has more than 1 residents parking permit been issued for your home address? Then the higher rate of € 288 per car per year applies to a request for this parking permit if it is for a 2nd parking permit and a rate of € 576 per year if it is for a 3rd or subsequent request for a parking permit.

Paying for the parking permit

You can only pay by giving authorisation for direct debit. You will pay for your permit for 12 months. The permit year is from 1 December to 30 November. Thereafter your permit will automatically be extended for a year once payment is received. Have the fees changed in the meantime? Then you will pay the new fee when the permit is extended.

How long does it take?

Has your medical assessment determined that you meet the conditions for a European Parking Card for drivers? Or do you already have a European Disabled Person's Parking Card? Then you will receive a decision from the municipality within 1 week on whether you get the disabled resident's parking permit.

No resident's pass

Residents do not need a pass to park in their permit area. Parking wardens scan the number plates of parked cars to check if the car is parked in the correct area (this is called 'number plate parking').

Also see

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