Purchasing and carrying over parking credit

A parking permit for visitors entitles you to a certain number of hours of parking per permit year (parking credit). Have you used up the parking credit or would you like to purchase extra hours for another reason? You can purchase an extra 50 hours 1 time each period. You can also purchase extra credit for your caregiver.

The standard number of hours you receive for a visitor's parking permit depends on the area in which your permit is valid. Have you used up all of your parking credit? Your visitors will have to pay for parking at the parking meter or using their mobile phone. Or you can purchase extra hours. You get a standard amount of 400 hours for a parking permit for caregivers. Do you need more hours than that? Then you can purchase additional hours.

Only for your own use

The parking hours for your visitor's parking permit are meant only for your own visitors. You have to register your visitors yourself. It is not permitted to transfer the use of the visitor's parking permit to other people. Abuse of this condition can result in the municipality revoking your parking permit for visitors.

Purchasing extra parking credit

You can purchase extra parking credit in MijnDenHaag. The fee is € 50 for 50 hours. You can pay through iDEAL. You can purchase extra credit 1 time per permit year. It is not possible to purchase less or more than 50 extra hours.

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Bear in mind the end date of your permit year. Purchase your extra parking credit only if you think you will use this credit (partially) during the current permit year. You are allowed to carry over a maximum of 50 hours to the following permit year. You will not get reimbursed for any unused credit.

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Purchasing extra parking credit in MijnDenHaag

Purchase extra parking credit

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When do you get the credit?

The extra hours you purchase will be credited to your parking permit within 1 week.

Carrying over parking credit

Carrying over hours to the following period

Do you still have unused parking hours at the end of the permit year? And did you pay on time for the new permit year? Then you automatically carry over a maximum of 50 unused hours to the following permit year.

Example: You purchased 50 parking hours. And you still have 15 hours left of your original parking credit. Your credit is then 65 hours at the end of the permit year. Only 50 hours of this credit will be carried over to the following period. You will not be able to use the rest of the credit.

If you had 15 hours of unused credit at the end of the permit year, you will carry over 15 hours.

Transferring your credit to another area when you move

It is not possible to transfer your parking credit to another area of the city. If you cancel the permit, you lose the credit.

Permit period per area

Your parking permit is valid for 1 permit year. The number of hours for a visitor's parking permit depends on the permit area. You will get more parking credit for areas where paid parking is in effect for more hours.

See the start and end date for the permit year in your area.

Area Parking hours per permit year
Leyweg shopping area 203
Duindorp, Geuzen- en Statenkwartier/Duinoord, Transvaal and Leyenburg 268
Centrum, Centrum-Zuid, De Venen, Laakhaven 332
Scheveningen 366
All other areas 138

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    Published: 9 March 2017Modified: 8 June 2021