Parking permits for companies

  • Costs and number of company parking permits

    The number of parking permits for companies and the price of the permits vary per neighbourhood.

  • Parking permit for companies

    If your company is located in a paid parking zone in The Hague, you can apply for a parking permit for your company car.

  • Sharing a business address?

    An ‘interconnected business’ (verwevenheid) can occur when several businesses are registered at the same address. These businesses will then be viewed as 1 applicant.

  • Parking for movers

    Do you have a removal company and will you be moving a household in The Hague? Then you do not need to pay for on-street parking for the moving truck during the move.

  • Replacement of number plate sign and markings for reserved parking space

    Do you have a reserved parking space and are the street markings around the parking space faded? Or does the number plate sign by your parking space need to be replaced because you have a different car? Apply for this.

  • Exemption for traffic bollards

    Parts of The Hague are closed off to cars and trucks by retractable traffic bollards. Would you like to be allowed in for specific hours? Apply for an exemption.

  • On-street loading bay

    For businesses it is often difficult to load and unload on streets where many people park. You can apply for a loading bay.

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