Parking at Scheveningen beach

Are you driving to Scheveningen? Expect the roads to be busy and prepare in advance. The fastest way to get to the beach is to park at the edge of the city and then continue your journey by tram. This way you can begin your visit to the beach in a relaxed way.

Park + Beach

Save money on parking at Q-park CS-New Babylon and continue your journey quickly and easily on Tram 9 to the beach in Scheveningen. You reserve 1 ticket online for parking and the tram. The ticket price starts at € 5 (for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday). Read more on the website of Park + Beach.

There are other Park-and-ride facilities. You park somewhere in the city at a low rate. You can then take public transportation from the car park to your destination in the city.

Route to Scheveningen

Traffic heading to Scheveningen can be very heavy on summer days. The best way to get to the beach is to take public transport or to go by bicycle or motorbike. Are you nevertheless planning to drive there by car? Plan your route towards Scheveningen harbour or to the beach resort. The municipality gives the following advice for these destinations:

  1. Scheveningen beach resort (Scheveningen-Bad) via the Prins Clausplein, the A4, N14 (Sijtwendetunnel), S200, Van Alkemadelaan and the Zwolsestraat.
  2. Scheveningen harbour (Scheveningen-Haven) via the Koningskade, Prof. B.M. Teldersweg, President Kennedylaan, Houtrustweg and Westduinweg.

Traffic wardens will guide the way

In order to guide traffic to Scheveningen on busy summer days, the municipality will deploy extra traffic wardens. In that case, motorists are advised to switch off their automotive navigation system (GPS) and to follow the instructions of the traffic wardens.

Visitors enjoying Scheveningen beach
Visitors enjoying Scheveningen beach

    Parking at the beach

    Would you nevertheless like to park close to the beach? Park your car in a car park in the area. Park along the Strandweg in 1 of the 256 parking spots or in 1 of the 300 parking spots at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd car park. This parking area is located on the Strandweg and can be reached via the Vissershavenweg. The car park is open 24 hours a day.

    What does it cost?

    • € 3.90 per hour in 2021.
    • A day ticket for the car park costs € 23.55 in 2021.

      Overview of parking garages and car parks

      You can also park in 1 of the parking garages in the area. An overview of the parking options in Scheveningen can be found on the website of BKS Parking or on the website of Interparking (both in Dutch). Or look at the map with parking spots and disabled parking spots.

      Paid parking is in effect in residential areas. You can park there a maximum of 60 to 120 minutes.

      Yellow wheel clamp

      You can get a wheel clamp on your car if:

      • You get a parking fine and the municipality is unable to trace the owner of the car.
      • Your car has a foreign number plate and you get a parking fine.
        This applies to cars registered in countries which do not have arrangements with the Netherlands on exchanging personal details.

      Motorcycle parking in Scheveningen

      Are you coming by motorcycle? There are 2 special parking areas for motorcycles. Parking for motorcycles is free.  

      • on the Strandweg from the Scheveningseslag
      • between the Adriaan Maasplein and Strandweg

      In addition you can park your motorcycle for a small fee in a Biesieklette facility. Look for the locations at

      Taking public transport to Scheveningen

      You can also get to Scheveningen easily by public transportation. It is a 15-minute tram or bus ride from The Hague's Central Station (CS) and Hollands Spoor (HS) train station.

      Plan your route using or

        The beach can easily be reached by public transportation
        The beach can easily be reached by public transportation

        Sightseeing coaches

        The city has reserved long-term parking spots for sightseeing coaches. It also has reserved spots close to tourist sites where passengers can get on and off these buses. It is not necessary to pay for parking at these reserved spots.

        Look at the reserved spots on the map

        • for long-term parking (indicated by a pink/purple stripe)

        • for passengers to get on and off the bus (indicated by a blue stripe).

        Published: 7 August 2020Modified: 21 January 2021