Appeal a parking ticket

Did you get a parking ticket (naheffingsaanslag)? And do you disagree with it? Then you can make an appeal at the municipality.

How does it work?

Would you like to make an appeal? Submit your appeal within 6 weeks after the date (dagtekening) stated on the parking ticket. Are you making an appeal later? Explain why you were not able to make an appeal earlier.

Do you want to make an appeal for more than 1 parking fine? Fill in a separate form for each fine.

Objection possible

You can make an appeal if:

  • You pulled your car over to the side of the road to administer first aid at an accident. Or to get quickly to a doctor or hospital for yourself or somebody else.
  • The car no longer belongs to you. Your registration in the number plate registry is incorrect.
  • Your car was stolen.

Did you already pay the parking ticket? Then you can still make an appeal.

No objection possible

You cannot make an appeal if:

  • You had personal reasons.
  • Your bank pass or credit card was declined.
  • You returned to your car too late. For example because your appointment took longer than planned or because you got lost.
  • You think the amount is too high.

Make an appeal

You can make an appeal online or by post. First check what you need in your appeal.

Needed in your appeal

  • The number of the parking ticket (assessment number).
  • The number plate of your car.
  • The registration number of your parking permit.
  • Supporting evidence. You always need these for an appeal. Examples are:

    • A digital overview of the parking history for the parking permit.
    • A scan or digital photo of your parking permit.
    • A scan or digital photo of your proof of payment. Or a copy of your bank statement.
    • A digital overview of the times you paid with your mobile telephone.
    • Proof of emergency assistance.
    • A declaration that your car was stolen (copy of the police report).

Make an appeal online

You can make an appeal using the online form. You have to log in with you DigiD.

You can take a maximum break of 10 minutes when filling in the online form. You will lose all of your work if you stop for a longer time. Do you need more time? Click on the option ‘Opslaan en later verder gaan’ (Save and continue later) at the bottom of each page in the form. The steps (menu items) which you have completed in their entirety will then be saved. If you provide your email address, the municipality will send you a link. This link gives you up to 48 hours to finish filling in the form and submit it.

Submit your appeal online

Appeal your parking ticket

No DigiD? Apply for a DigiD.

Make an appeal by post

You can also send a letter for your appeal to the Municipal Parking Division. Always include the following information in your letter:

  • The number of the parking ticket (assessment number).
  • The date and time you parked.
  • The personal details for the person who parked the car and for the person who is making the appeal. This is necessary only if these are different people.
  • The number plate of the (motor) vehicle.
  • The reason(s) for making the appeal.
  • The signature of the person making the appeal.
  • Supporting evidence (see Needed in your appeal).

How long does it take?

  • Online: you will get an email confirmation of your appeal right away.

  • By post: you will get a confirmation of your appeal within 1 week.

The municipality will try to take a decision on your appeal within 8 weeks. You will be notified of the decision. You do not have to pay the fine until you get the decision.

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