Towed vehicles

Is your vehicle parked in an unauthorised spot in The Hague? Then the municipality can tow the vehicle away. Also vehicles which have gotten a wheel clamp can be towed away after 24 hours.

The towed vehicle will be taken to the tow pound for The Hague.

Getting the towed car back

To get your vehicle back, you need to go to the counter of the tow pound. There you will need to pay the towing charges and storage costs for your vehicle. You will get a receipt and you will then be able to take your car.


  • Costs of your parking fine
    The amount of the fine depends upon the infraction. You will receive an acceptgiro payment slip in the mail from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (Central Fine Collection Agency).
  • Charges for towing and storage
    The charges for towing and storing the vehicle at the tow pound are € 306. Will your car be parked there longer than 24 hours? You will then be charged an extra € 25 a day.

Unclaimed cars

Cars which have not been picked up will be put up for auction. This takes place once the accumulated fines exceed the value of the car (current market value).

Objection to towing

Do you disagree with why your vehicle was towed away? Once you have picked up your car and paid the towing charges, you may file an appeal against the towing.

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    Published: 1 January 2017Modified: 26 May 2021