Pay for parking on the street

You can pay for on-street parking in The Hague with your bank card, credit card or mobile telephone at all of the city’s parking meters.

More information on paying for parking with your mobile telephone can be found under Pay-by-phone parking in The Hague.

Number plate parking

At the parking meters you first type in your number plate. You then indicate how long you would like to park. You will be able to pay safely using your bank card or credit card; you will not need to enter your PIN code. You no longer have to place a paper parking ticket behind your windscreen. You can, however, get a payment receipt once you have paid. This slip will indicate the end time of your parking session.


Information about number plates will be used only to check whether the car has paid for parking. If the number plate has been registered properly (and the parking session has been paid for), the recorded data will be expunged after 24 hours. You can find the privacy measures in the government documents, under RIS nummer 290220.

Instructions for parking meters

The parking meters operate in the following way:

  1. Insert your bank card or credit card.
  2. Type in your number plate.
  3. Select the amount of time you plan to park and the amount of money.
  4. Remove your bank card or credit card.
  5. A paper parking ticket is no longer needed behind the windscreen. You can get a payment receipt.

Instructional video: paying with bank card or credit card

Go to YouTube to watch an instructional video about paying for parking with a bank card or credit card (in Dutch).

Video Instructions for payment with bank card at a parking metre (YouTube channel of the Municipality of The Hague)

Paying for parking without a PIN code

In The Hague you can pay small amounts quickly and safely at the parking meters with Dip and Go. After inserting your PIN card, typing in your number plate and selecting the amount of time you wish to pay, you only have to press ‘OK’ to complete the payment. The transaction goes faster because you do not need to enter a PIN code.

Good to know:

  • There is a maximum transaction sum of € 50 per time.
  • The payment method is used only at parking meters.

This rate is for 2021.

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Published: 25 March 2016Modified: 19 April 2021