Parking fine, wheel clamp or towed car

It is annoying to get a fine if you did not pay for parking or if you parked illegally, or if your car got a wheel clamp or was towed away. But because there are so many cars in The Hague, it is important that everybody abides by the rules. This is why you need to park in the correct spot and pay at the parking meter.

There are fines for various violations. You can file an appeal if you do not agree with your fine.

Parking fine

If you did not pay (enough) in paid-parking areas, you will get a parking fine. You will also get a fine if your parking permit is not valid. This parking fine is officially called a ‘naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelasting’. Read more about it under Parking fine.

Appeal your parking fine

Do you disagree with your parking fine? Then you can file an appeal. In Appeal your parking fine you can read if you are eligible for this and what the conditions are.

Parking citation

If you park your car in a spot where it is not allowed, you could receive a citation. The citation is officially called an ‘aankondiging of kennisgeving van beschikking’. Read more about the fines and conditions under Parking citation.

Your car has been towed

Was your car or vehicle parked incorrectly? Then it could have been towed away. In that case you will get a bill for the costs of towing the vehicle.

Wheel clamp

Have you not paid a parking fine within 14 days and is the municipality unable to trace the registration information for your car? Or does your car have a foreign number plate and you got a parking fine? Then your car could get a wheel clamp.  

Parking a motorcycle or microcar

Motorcycles and microcars are permitted to park anywhere where passenger cars may park.


Motorcycles are exempt from paying for parking.


Microcars have to pay for parking in areas where paid parking is in effect. Is it a disabled vehicle? Then you do not have to pay for parking in areas with paid parking.

Published: 5 December 2017Modified: 7 December 2017