Indicate location for electric charging station

Do you drive an electric car, or would you like to drive an electric car in the future? Would you like to be certain that you are able to charge it in your neighbourhood? Register as a driver of an electric vehicle. The municipality is building a public network of charging stations.

How does it work?

The municipality is building a network of public charging stations for electric cars. These are not intended for 1 user. All residents and visitors may use the charging stations.

The charging stations will be placed in a way that they will be used optimally. This will involve taking into account where drivers of electric vehicles live or work, but also the accessibility of the charging station.

When you request a charging station or extra parking space with charging capacity, the municipality will take the following steps:

  • The municipality will verify whether you are able to charge your vehicle on your own premises. If so, the municipality will not expand the current public network of charging stations.
  • The municipality will check to see whether there is sufficient charging capacity within 200 metres of your home or work.
  • If the current public network of charging stations is insufficient, the municipality will try to expand it. It could create an extra space next to an existing charging station, or construct an extra charging station.


The municipality will investigate the options for expanding the current public network of charging stations if:

  • You have a registration document or a lease contract for an electric car (according to the definition by the RDW, Netherlands Vehicle Authority). Do you not yet have an electric car but will you soon be getting one? Then you can prove this by showing a purchase agreement or a statement by the lease company.
  • You are registered as a resident of The Hague.
  • There is no room to place and charge the electric vehicle on your own premises, or in parking garages or underground car parks belonging to the residential complex.


    Request a charging station

    The demand for charging capacity will determine if and how the municipality expands the current public network of charging stations.


    It does not cost anything to request a charging station.

    How long does it take?

    It takes an average of 6 months for an extra charging station to be placed.

    Approximately 2 months after you submit your request, the municipality will let you know if it will expand the public network of charging stations in your area and how this will happen. It then takes an average of 4 months before a charging station is placed. It can sometimes take longer if the placement is complicated.

    After the charging station is placed, it takes about 1.5 months to construct a reserved parking space (a space with a road sign and a cross on the pavement).

    Good to know

    Rules for electric charging stations

    Read the rules for using electric charging stations. You will also find the rules there for parking at charging stations.

    Private charging station

    The municipality does not place charging stations on private property. You can arrange to have a charging station placed on private property by various charging station providers. Look for these providers on the website of Stichting e-laad.

    Non-electric car in charging spot

    Sometimes a non-chargeable or non-electric car is left parked in a spot intended for electric cars. You can report this to the municipality through Report non-chargeable car in a charging spot (in Dutch). Municipal enforcers will use your report when they patrol the neighbourhood.

    Charging stations in communal parking garages

    For residents of a residential complex with a communal parking facility, it is sometimes difficult to make arrangements with the VvE on installing a charging point. You can find the brochure 'Laadoplossingen voor elektrische auto’s binnen de VvE' on the website The brochure contains tips on what you need to consider when installing a charging point in a shared facility and how you can lay down the arrangements with the VvE.

    Fees for use of charging station

    The rate for using a municipal charging station is 30 cents (25 cents, excluding VAT) per kWh. There is no starting rate. It is possible that your provider will charge extra fees for each transaction or for each kWh. You can look at price comparison websites to compare the various charging passes and subscriptions with one another.

    Locations of electric charging points

    Look where you can find the electric charging points at

    Charging station out of order

    You can report any technical malfunctions using the number displayed on the charging station.


    Do you have questions? Send an email to You can use this email address to relay any information.