New municipal executive sworn in

The Hague has a new municipal executive (college van burgemeester en wethouders). During the council meeting on Wednesday, 11 October The Hague Municipal Council swore in the new team responsible for the day-to-day management of the city.

The new municipal executive is made up of Mayor Van Zanen plus 2 aldermen from D66, 2 aldermen from GroenLinks, 1 alderman from Partij voor de Dieren, 1 alderman from PvdA, 1 alderman from CDA and 1 alderman from DENK. Deputy Mayor Robert Barker and Deputy Mayor Nur Icar are new to the municipal executive.

Allocation of the portfolios

The municipal council took a decision on 12 October 2023 on the exact allocation of duties between aldermen and mayor. The current allocation is:

  • Jan van Zanen (mayor): public order and safety
  • Robert van Asten (D66): urban development, libraries, Europe and Segbroek district
  • Saskia Bruines (D66): finance, culture, economic development and Scheveningen district
  • Mariëlle Vavier (GroenLinks): poverty, inclusion, care, international affairs and Laak district
  • Arjen Kapteijns (GroenLinks): energy transition, mobility, raw materials and Centrum district
  • Robert Barker (Partij voor de Dieren): public space, animal welfare, environment and Haagse Hout district
  • Martijn Balster (PvdA): social housing, welfare, neighbourhoods, Zuidwest and Escamp district
  • Hilbert Bredemeijer (CDA): education, youth, sport, municipal services and Loosduinen district
  • Nur Icar (DENK): economy (SME), work, participation and Leidschenveen-Ypenburg district

Haags akkoord

The plans of the new municipal executive can be found in the Haags akkoord 2023-2026(External link). Extra money will be made available for and attention focused on the climate, nature, animal welfare, sustainability, equal opportunities and safety. The coalition also wants to improve The Hague’s management style.

The Hague Municipal Executive
from left to right: Aldermen Hilbert Bredemeijer, Martijn Balster, Nur Icar, Mariëlle Vavier, gemeentesecretaris Ilma Merx, burgemeester Jan van Zanen, en de wethouders Robert van Asten, Robert Barker, Saskia Bruines and Arjen Kapteijns


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