Health care for Ukrainian refugees

Refugees from Ukraine who are staying in the Netherlands can get medical care if they need it. This page tells you about the various options.


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More information about the help available for refugees can be found on the website of Refugee Help.

Municipal shelters

Are you staying at a municipal shelter and do you need medical care? Contact the supervisor at the location. The supervisor will help you to find the right care.

Private housing

Are you staying with a host family? Then it is best to use the care providers of your host family. For example, you can ask their general practitioner for help. The care provider can declare the cost of the treatment via the CAK. The CAK will reimburse the costs which are normally reimbursed through the basic insurance. You do not need to pay a personal contribution. More information can be found on the website of the CAK.

Information about health care in the Netherlands

  • The general practitioner provides regular health care in the Netherlands. If necessary, the general practitioner will refer you to a different health care institution.

    The Subsidy scheme for emergency medical care for uninsured persons (SOV) reimburses medical care for refugees from Ukraine. Refugees do not have to contribute anything.

    Hospitals and other care providers which provide care to uninsurable refugees can apply for a subsidy at the CAK.

    The Zorgverzekeringslijn (Health Insurance Line) provides free advice and practical tips on health care. Even if you are not insured. The telephone number is 0800 6464644. From abroad (+31) 88 9006960.

  • Refugees are only required to take out health insurance if they:

    • start working in the Netherlands
    • successfully apply for asylum

    For more information, visit the website of the Zorgverzekeringslijn (Health Insurance Line).

  • The Centre for Children and Families (CJG) provides health care and support to children and youth in The Hague. Every city district has a CJG office where Ukrainian children can go. Look at the website for the locations.

    Children and young people can have a health check done. Or get vaccinated.

    More information can be found on the website of the CJG.

    More information about infectious diseases and vaccinations can be found on the website of the Dutch National Immunisation Programme.

  • Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria. More information can be found on the website of TBC Zuid-Holland. The information on this website is also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

    If you suspect an infection call the GGD Haaglanden for a free screening. Telephone number: 070 - 353 71 69.

Information about coronavirus

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Published: 22 April 2022Modified: 25 April 2022