Free time for refugees from Ukraine

There is a lot to do in The Hague. On this page you will find information about sports, swimming pools, libraries, children's farms, museums and events.


More information about sports in The Hague can be found in Dutch on Sociale Kaart Den Haag and Do you have questions about doing sports? Send an email to

You can also take part in free street sports for young people at various locations in the city. Look at the activities and times under Streetsport (

Swimming and beach

Would you like to swim in an indoor pool? Look at all of the locations and opening hours of The Hague's swimming pools.

The Hague has 11 kilometres of beach. Warning: swimming in the sea is wonderful, but there are also risks. The wind and current often make the sea unpredictable. Read more information and tips on safe swimming in the sea.


In The Hague there are 15 libraries you can go inside for free. Look at the locations and opening hours.

  • All of the libraries have areas where you can read a book, magazine or newspaper.

  • All of the libraries have WiFi hotspots which you can use for free internet.

  • For global news and information you can use free PressReader PCs in all of the libraries. You can then read newspapers and magazines from 100 countries. With a special app you can also read newspapers for 7 days outside of the library.

Children's farms

In The Hague you can visit a children's farm for free. Look at the page City farms in The Hague.

Museums and events

Look at for more information about museums and events in The Hague.

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Published: 28 April 2022Modified: 6 May 2022