Family registration for Ukrainians

During your 1st registration you were registered at the municipality. You then received a citizen service number (BSN). During the family registration the municipality establishes the relationship between you and your family members. You will soon receive an invitation by email to register your family.

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Who is it for?

The municipality will invite you for the family registration if you:

  • have Ukrainian nationality and you have come to the Netherlands with a partner or child(ren)

  • have another nationality (not Ukrainian) and you have come to the Netherlands with a partner or child(ren) and you:

    • are able to prove your identity and nationality

    • are able to prove that you had a valid Ukrainian residence permit from before 24 February 2022

  • have a BSN and you live in The Hague


  • You have registered in The Hague.

  • You have a BSN.

Needed during your family registration

  • An identity document (passport or other proof of identity) for you and your child(ren) or partner.

  • If you have these: official documents (certificates) for birth, marriage, divorce and adoption.

  • The identity documents for your children. You do not have to take your children to the appointment.

  • Your partner must come with you to the appointment.

Register your family

You will soon receive an email from the municipality. The email will contain a confirmation of your appointment for your family registration. Are you unable to come to the appointment? Then call tel. (070) 353 80 24 to make a new appointment.



Good to know

  • It is important that the municipality can establish who your family members are (for example, the mother-child, father-child and married partners relationships). You will then, for example, be able to apply for health insurance for your children.

  • Have your documents translated if there is an interpreter at your shelter. This saves times during your appointment. If no interpreter is available, you can have your documents translated during your appointment.