Organising an event in Atrium The Hague

Atrium The Hague is the place where the city's residents and visitors come together in The Hague City Hall. The spectacular architecture in the heart of The Hague makes this venue the perfect location for exhibitions, meetings, symposiums, lectures, dinner parties, festivals and concerts and other performances.

You can organise activities in the Atrium for groups of up to 1,500 people. Because Atrium The Hague is in The Hague City Hall, most activities during the week can take place only outside of office hours. On the weekend it is possible to organise activities the whole day. Exhibitions can be held during the day in one of the 3 parts of the Atrium.

The Atrium is in the heart of The Hague with direct lifts to the Atrium from the underground parking garage. With about 8,000 people visiting the Atrium a week, it is a perfect venue for your exhibition or event.

Request to use the Atrium

If you would like to organise an event or exhibition in the Atrium, you will need to submit a request. Your request will be considered by the Stichting Atrium City Hall. The organisation will evaluate:

  • Terms of content, quality, planning and physical possibilities and if the activity fits within the programming of Atrium The Hague.
  • Whether the activity contributes to the wide, diverse and interesting programming of the Atrium The Hague.
  • The Municipality of The Hague can cancel the activity if it is political, activist or has a strong religious nature.
  • Whether the activity fits within the policy of Atrium City Hall and the Municipal Council of The Hague.

Please clearly state the details of the organising party in your request and the reason for the project and, if possible, video footage of the activity. Atrium City Hall differentiates between public, private, cultural and non-cultural activities.

All requests should be sent preferably by email to

Seating for 'Streb' dance performance at the Holland Dance Festival 2013. Photo by Luca Di Tomosso

Follow-up procedure

Has your request been approved and have the dates been determined? You will be put into contact with Team Events at the Municipality of The Hague. This team will coordinate the logistical and operational details of the event. Team Events will ensure that the activity meets the Atrium’s general and technical requirements, for example, for fire safety.

More information

For information about using the Atrium, please contact Atrium City Hall at tel. +31(0)70 - 353 36 29 or 06 20 43 86 50 or send an e-mail to

More information about the Atrium can be found at Atrium City Hall.

General and technical conditions

General Conditions for the use of the Atrium (PDF, 302,5 kB)
Technical Conditions for the use of the Atrium (PDF, 146,1 kB)

Published: 14 March 2014Modified: 3 October 2018