Coronavirus: support and information

Because of the coronavirus many residents are requesting help or have concerns or need good advice. The municipality would like to make it easy for residents of The Hague to find information which could be important. This page will be updated as needed.

Telephone numbers for support and care

  • There is a national crisis line for all questions related to the coronavirus: 0800 - 13 51. This number can be reached daily between 8.00 and 20.00 hrs. Are you abroad? Then you can phone tel. (0031) 202 05 13 51.
  • For general questions about your health call The Hague’s Public Health Department (GGD Haaglanden) on tel. (088) 355 01 00.
  • Do you have questions about money, benefits, work, debts, legal issues or (Ooievaars) measures? Go to or call the SZW customer service on tel. (070) 353 75 00. Available from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs.
  • Nearly every city district of The Hague has a telephone befriender circle.
  • You can also call the Luisterlijn. Volunteers are on standby 24 hours a day to talk with callers on tel. 088 - 076 70 00. They will lend their  time and attention to anybody in need of a sympathetic ear. You can speak to a volunteer about sadness, loss, worries, loneliness or anything else.
  • There is a special helpline for seniors who have an immigrant background. They can call and ask questions about the coronavirus or just to talk. Volunteers who themselves have an immigrant background will be manning the lines. The telephone number of the helpline is (030) 340 06 00 (available Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.).

GGD Haaglanden testing for coronavirus

Anybody with mild coronavirus symptoms can call the national number 0800-1202 to make an appointment to get tested at the Public Health Department (GGD). You can phone this number 7 days a week from 8.00 to 20.00 hrs. to make an appointment at a testing location in the area. Do you live in The Hague and are you unable to get to the testing location on your own? Indicate this during the telephone call.

More information can be found on the website of the Dutch government.

There is no point in calling if you do not have symptoms related to the coronavirus. You will not get an appointment.

Health care workers, caregivers and volunteers have already been able to get tested. More information can be found on the:

Coronavirus vaccinations

GGD Haaglanden began giving vaccinations to health care professionals in January. Seniors who are mobile came next. Over the course of the year the GGD will invite more groups of people to get a vaccination. This will be carried out in phases. The Dutch government will determine the order and the speed at which this will be carried out.

The vaccination locations of GGD Haaglanden (the Cars Jeans ADO stadium and the old Haga Hospital on the Sportlaan) can be reached on public transportation and by car. There are shuttle buses operating from the train station in Ypenburg and from the nearest tram stops. Seniors with an AV-070 pass can make use of the municipal transportation facilities just like usual.

  • More information about the vaccinations in the region? Look at the website of GGD Haaglanden.
  • Do you have general questions about the coronavirus vaccinations or the coronavirus? Or would you like to know when it is your turn to get vaccinated? Go to or call the national telephone number 0800 - 1351 (daily from 8.00 to 20.00 hrs). Do you have a question for GGD Haaglanden? Go to the contact page of the GGD.

Assistance from organisations, initiatives and volunteers

Service point

You can visit a Service point in your neighbourhood if you have questions or need assistance in the area of work, care, youth matters, welfare or social work. You need to make an appointment in advance. More information can be found at (in Dutch).

Sociale Kaart

You will find many organisations offering extra assistance during the coronavirus on the Sociale Kaart Den Haag. Here you will also find information on shopping and meal delivery services.

Initiatives for and by city residents

There are many volunteer initiatives and people helping each other. Solutions to many questions and issues are being offered by and for residents. You can find them on

Become or find a volunteer

Would you like to actively help others? Or is your organisation looking for volunteers? Go to

Assistance on internet

Eerste Hulp bij Eenzaamheid

Loneliness is an obvious danger when everyone is at home in isolation. This is certainly true when everybody has to stay inside and it is not possible to visit with friends and family. Seek contact in another way. The website gives tips on how to do this.

Family and corona

How can you deal with problems in the family due to the corona crisis? The municipality has created a website about this. Read the information and tips on

Tips on money matters

The corona crisis is having an impact on many people's spending power. Are you dealing with a lower income but still with the same (fixed) costs? Make sure you do not get into trouble - use the free tips and assistance. Look at the website of Helpdesk Geldzaken (in Dutch).

Domestic violence

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has designed a special factsheet to call attention to domestic violence during the corona crisis. We are all staying home as much as possible, which is putting a strain on some relationships. The ministry is trying to help as much as possible in homes where tensions are rising. The factsheet not only provides tips to prevent tensions from boiling over but also options for help if things spin out of control. The factsheet ‘Wat als de spanningen thuis oplopen?’ can be found at:

Newcomers and corona

The Platform Integration & Society has opened a helpdesk for newcomers to the Netherlands with questions about corona. Go to

Guide to living at home

The measures surrounding the coronavirus can make it difficult to live at home independently, especially for vulnerable and older residents of The Hague. Technology can help them to get through this time as healthy, safely and pleasantly as possible. This is why Thuisleefgids and the Municipality of The Hague have created the Corona guide to living at home: (in Dutch).
Residents of The Hague, caregivers and professionals can use this tool to find and acquire technological aids to help them in this time. The Corona guide will show suitable products on the basis of a number of questions about the living situation and health of the person in questions. The tool will provide tailormade advice.

Corona explained simply

On complicated information about the coronavirus is explained in a simple way. The website is meant for people who find it difficult to understand the information about corona.

A simple explanation about the coronavirus and the measures to combat corona can be found on the website of the Dutch government and the website of Stichting Lezen en Schrijven (in Dutch).

Basic rules for the coronavirus

We know the rules. But it can be difficult sticking to them. As a result many people are getting the coronavirus. This needs to change. How do you do that? Look at and print the basic rules in Dutch, English and other languages on the website

Information for caregivers

Are you a caregiver (mantelzorger) and would you like to know what you can do and what you need to know? Go to

Information for businesses

Are you a resident of The Hague and do you have a business in The Hague? Both the municipality and the Dutch government aim to support you as much as possible. Look at the most frequently asked questions on the page Coronavirus: information for businesses.

Information for neighbourhood and community centres

Neighbourhood and community centres are open again as of 5 June under certain conditions. Would your organisation like to organise meetings and activities? Look at the most frequently asked questions and answers on the page Coronavirus: informatie voor wijkcentra en buurthuizen (in Dutch).

Municipal services

Do you soon need to renew your driving licence? Do you have an appointment about a social matter? Or do you want to know if you can go to the swimming pool? For more information on how the municipality is operating during the corona crisis go to the page Coronavirus: changes to municipal services.

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Published: 2 April 2020Modified: 14 June 2021