Citizen's Right of Initiative

Residents of The Hague 14 years and older can submit a burgerinitiatief to the Municipal Council. This initiative can be about anything that you would like to achieve in your neighbourhood or district.

There are a few exceptions to what a citizen's right of initiative can include: it cannot be about things over which the Municipal Council has no authority (such as asylum policy or the extent of social benefits) and it cannot be about municipal taxes or the organisation and procedures of the Municipal Administration.

For a citizen's right of initiative you need to collect signatures. For a plan for your neighbourhood: 250 signatures; for a city district: 1,000 signatures and for a plan concerning the entire city: 2,500 signatures. The citizen's right of initiative must include what you want, how you want to achieve your goal and what it will cost.

You can get more information by calling tel. (070) 353 31 31 or by sending an e-mail to:

Published: 9 December 2013Modified: 18 February 2020