Voting with a visual disability

Some polling stations will have special facilities for blind and visually impaired people during the European Parliament elections on 23 May 2019. These facilities are also suitable for people who are unable to read.

The polling stations for people with a visual impairment have:

  • tactile guiding strips on the floor, which lead you to the registration desk and polling booth.
  • a soundbox and a voting template. A voice from the soundbox will read all the different parties and candidates out loud. The voice will also give instructions on how to fill in the ballot using the template. The template is a wooden frame around the ballot paper. You can colour in the correct circle on the voting ballot through holes in the template.
Listen to the instructions for using the voting template and soundbox (MP3, 5 MB)
  • polling station staff who have gotten extra training, so they can assist voters in the right way if necessary.
  • water bowls for dogs.
      People without a visual impairment can also vote at the polling stations with special facilities.

      Polling stations for the blind and visually impaired

      These polling stations will have special facilities for the blind and visually impaired:

      • Stadsdeelkantoor Escamp, Leyweg 813
      • Bibliotheek Haagse Hout, Theresiastraat 195
      • Serviceflat Dekkershaghe, Aaltje Noordewierstraat 12
      • Revalidatie- en behandelcentrum Mechropa, Scheveningseweg 96
      • Jan van Nassauschool, Zaanstraat 25
      • ROC Mondriaan, Aspacialaan 19
      • Verpleeghuis Het Zamen, Esperantostraat 12
      • Laaktheater, Ferrandweg 4T

      Large lettered candidate list

      A large lettered list of candidates is available:

      Large lettered list of candidates (PDF, 209,9 kB)

      Recording of candidate list

      Voters with a visual disability can listen to a recording of the list of candidates.

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          Published: 11 April 2019Modified: 17 May 2019