Voting for people who are blind and visually impaired

A number of polling stations have extra facilities for voters who are blind or visually impaired.

You can recognise these polling stations by the following symbol:

Afbeelding van een oog Suitable for people who are blind or visually impaired

The following facilities are available in these polling stations:

Aids for people who are blind or visually impaired

  • Tactile guiding strips on the floor so you can find the way to the registration desk and the voting booth.
  • A voting template (ballot marking device) and soundbox in the voting booth. You place the voting template on the ballot. You move your fingers over the template to feel the list. You use a soundbox with headphones to hear the parties and candidates on the list. By feeling and counting, you can find the candidate you want to vote for. You can colour in the correct circle on the ballot through the holes in the template.
  • Water bowls for guide dogs.

Polling stations with aids

The polling stations with additional aids also have an extra election official who can assist you with voting. Your guide is also allowed to assist.

There are extra aids in the following polling stations:

  • Escamp library, Leyweg 811
  • Haagse Hout library, Theresiastraat 195
  • Transvaal library, Hobbemaplein 30
  • Centrum Jonckbloetplein, Jonckbloetplein 24
  • Inclusion4all, Vuursteen 8
  • Madurodam, George Maduroplein 1
  • Serviceflat Dekkershaghe, Aaltje Noordewierstraat 12
  • Wijkcentrum Eltheto, Azaleaplein 2
Belangrijke informatie:

Do you know somebody who is blind or visually impaired? Tell this person about the polling stations with special aids for voters who are blind or with low vision.

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          Published: 15 February 2023Modified: 7 March 2023