Vote in another municipality in the European Parliament elections

Will you not be in The Hague on 23 May 2019 but you will be in another municipality in the Netherlands? And would you like to cast your vote yourself? This is possible. You can request a voter card (kiezerspas) from the Municipality of The Hague. The voter card allows you to cast your vote anywhere in the Netherlands.

You can arrange a voter card in 2 ways:

  • Online using the form. The municipality must have received your application by Monday, 20 May at 23.59 hrs.

Request voter card

  • In person at the election counter in City Hall. This is possible from Thursday, 2 May to Wednesday, 22 May at 12.00 hrs. Bring a valid identification document when you make your request.
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Published: 29 March 2019Modified: 17 May 2019