Identification requirements when voting

Are you going to vote? Then you need to take your voting pass and a proof of identity. You can identify yourself using this proof of identity. You will not be allowed to vote without a valid ID.

A valid identity document in order to vote is a passport, identity card or driving licence from the Netherlands or another European Union member state or Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway or a Swiss passport or identity card. The document must not have expired more than 5 years previously. You can make use of a proof of identity which was 'valid until 23 May 2014' or thereafter.  

Proof of identity lost or stolen

Have you lost your proof of identity or has it been stolen? Then you can cast your vote by showing a copy of the police report or a declaration of loss issued by the Municipality of The Hague. In addition you need to show a card or document with your name and photo, for example a personal OV-chipcard.

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Published: 22 February 2019Modified: 2 May 2019