Declaration of support for electoral college elections for non-residents (for voters)

The elections for the electoral college for non-residents of the Netherlands will be held on 15 March 2023. You can state your support for the participation of a political party in a declaration of support. A party needs 10 declarations of support.


You can make a declaration of support between Monday, 16 January and Monday, 30 January 2023. You do this online during a video call with a staff member of the Elections Unit. The call will be scheduled by appointment.


  • You are eligible to vote in the electoral college for non-residents. This means that you are registered as a Dutch voter abroad for this election.

  • You have a valid Dutch identity document.
  • You can only make 1 declaration of support for the electoral college elections for non-residents 2023. You may not withdraw this declaration of support later.
Belangrijke informatie:

Does your name appear on the list of candidates for a political party? Then you can also make a declaration of support.

How it works

  • Make an appointment with the Elections Unit to make a declaration of support.
  • The appointment is online. You will receive a link for this. You can make your declaration of support to a staff member during a video call. You and the staff member need to be able to see and hear each other. 
  • Using the camera show your valid Dutch identity document to the staff member.
  • The staff member will check if you have voting rights for the electoral college election.
  • Tell the staff member which political party you want to support and explain how the staff member should fill in the declaration of support.
  • The staff member fills in the necessary information on the declaration of support and signs the declaration.
  • The staff member sends you an email with a copy of the completed declaration. In the meantime both you and the staff member remain online in the digital environment. Have you received the email? Then check whether the declaration is filled in correctly and is signed by the staff member.
  • You then send a copy of the declaration of support to the political party.

    Make an appointment

    It is not possible to make an appointment at this moment. You will find more information on this page at the end of December.


    Do you have any questions about the declaration of support? Send an email to or call tel. +31 (0)70 353 63 53.

    Published: 4 November 2022Modified: 8 November 2022