Objecting to a decision

Do you disagree with a decision taken by the municipality? Then you can submit a letter of objection no later than 6 weeks after you received the decision.

You can only make an objection if you are the interested/affected party. The steps you can take can be found in or beneath the decision. Examples of decisions include: granting or declining permits, subsidies and Wmo support. But municipal tax assessments, parking tickets and fines for improper waste disposal are also considered 'decisions'.  

You can file an objection to:

Reactions to publication on Overheid.nl

Announcements and other public notices can be found on Overheid.nl. There you can see permit applications submitted to the municipality as well as draft decisions and decisions. You can also find information on how to submit an objection or file an appeal (in beroep gaan) at the municipality. Read more under Reageren op publicatie Overheid.nl (in Dutch). After an announcement has been published, you can view the announcement and the relevant documents for up to 1 year at The Hague Information Centre.

Published: 11 November 2021Modified: 19 November 2021