Make a complaint about the municipality

Are you not satisfied with the services of the Municipality of The Hague? The municipality would like to get feedback. Your complaint could be about the way the municipality is doing its job, but also about how you have been treated by a municipal employee.

How to file the complaint?

You can file your complaint online using the complaints form. Although the form is in Dutch, you may describe your complaint in English.

You can take a maximum break of 10 minutes from filling in the online form. Stopping for a longer amount of time will cause you to lose all of your work. Do you need more time? Click on the option ‘Opslaan en later verder gaan’ (Save and continue later) at the bottom of each page in the form. If you then provide your email address, you will receive a link. This link grants you up to 48 hours to finish filling in the form and to submit it. Please note: your work will be saved only in the menu items you have completed!

Submit your complaint using DigiD

Submit your complaint

No DigiD? You can also submit your complaint without DigiD. Your personal details will then not be filled in automatically.

Report a problem, make objection

Would you like to report a problem in the public space, because something is broken or because there is litter on the street? Look at the page Report a problem to the municipality.

If you would like to make the municipality liable for damage, lodge an objection to a decision or give the municipality a compliment, look at the page Klacht, melding, bezwaar en compliment (in Dutch).

Other ways to make a complaint

    How long does it take?

    You will always receive a response to your complaint. The municipality will deal with your complaint within 6 to 10 weeks.

    Presenting a complaint to the Municipal Ombudsman

    If you believe the municipality has not dealt with your complaint properly, or if you think it does not make sense for you to first file a complaint with the municipality, you can present your complaint to the Municipal ombudsman.

    Complaint about the police

    Do you think you have been treated improperly by the police? Please file a complaint via the website of the police.

    Published: 18 September 2020Modified: 25 March 2021