Complaint about the Municipality of The Hague

Are you dissatisfied with the services of the Municipality of The Hague? Please inform the municipality about it. Your complaint could be about the way the municipality is doing its job or about how you have been treated by a municipal employee.

How to file the complaint?

You can file your complaint online using the complaints form. Although the form is in Dutch, you may describe your complaint in English.

To the complaints form

    • You can visit the information desk at one of The Hague’s city district offices.
    • You can submit your complaint in writing in the form of a letter. Please include your name, telephone number and address. You can send it to the specific municipal department or to the municipality's general postal address:

    Postbus 12 600
    2500 DJ Den Haag

    Response time

    You will always receive a response to your complaint. You will receive a response to your complaint within 6 weeks, or within 10 weeks if it is a complicated matter.

    Municipal ombudsman

    If you believe the municipality has not responded properly to your complaint or if you think you should not first have to file a complaint with the municipality, you can submit your complaint to the Municipal Ombudsman.

    Report a problem

    Would you like to report a problem to the municipality about a public area such as a broken street lamp or litter on the street? Or is a company in your neighbourhood causing nuisance? Go to Report a problem to the municipality.

    Lodge an objection

    Would you like to lodge an objection to a municipal tax assessment, a towed vehicle or a rejected subsidy or permit application? Go to Bezwaar maken.

    Complaint about the police

    Do you think you have been treated improperly by the police? Please file a complaint via 'klachtenregeling politie' on

    Published: 14 April 2017Modified: 1 August 2017