Arrange your municipal affairs in MijnDenHaag

You can arrange your personal affairs at the municipality easily, quickly and safely in the secure online environment MijnDenHaag. Arrange such affairs as reporting a move, paying municipal taxes or changing a parking permit. But also, for example, check the status of your application.

Would you also like to arrange your municipal affairs online? Go to MijnDenHaag and log in with your DigiD.

What is MijnDenHaag?

MijnDenHaag is the Municipality of The Hague’s secure online environment. You log in with your DigiD and then you can right away report your move or change your parking permit.


Would you like to get up and running in MijnDenHaag? Watch the short instructional video (in Dutch) on the municipality’s YouTube channel:

Video MijnDenHaag

How do I log in to MijnDenHaag?

Go to MijnDenHaag and log in safely with your DigiD.


Logo DigiD

Are you already using DigiD for your tax return? Use this DigiD now as well to log in to MijnDenHaag. 
Do you not yet have DigiD? Apply for it via


The Municipality The Hague has stopped taking part in the test using new login methods (Idensys).

What can I arrange via MijnDenHaag?

You will only see your own personal information. If this information is in your partner or housemate's name, you will not be able to see it.


  • Look at your resident and visitor parking permits.
  • Pay your parking fines.
  • Appeal your parking fine.
  • Purchase extra parking credit.
  • View your PIN code and registration number.

Ground lease

  • View your ground lease details and overview of amounts due.
  • Pay the ground lease invoices or arrange direct debit.

Municipal tax affairs

  • View your tax information.
  • View and pay your municipal tax assessments.
  • View your appraisal reports.


The Berichtenbox is connected to your email address. When you register for this, you will receive a message in your inbox that you have received a message from the municipality. You can register in MijnDenHaag for the Berichtenbox on MijnOverheid.

BRP details

  • View your personal details in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

    Contact details

    • Report and change your contact details (email and telephone number).
      Also see: eHerkenning for businesses and companies

        Published: 29 April 2019Modified: 30 April 2019