Volunteer work: Get started as a Hague Hero

Would you like to get started as a volunteer? Or are you looking for volunteers for your organisation? In The Hague there are 135,000 people doing volunteer work. The city would not be able to manage without these Hague Heroes.

Become a volunteer

While doing volunteer work you can meet new people, make friends, establish a network, build self-confidence, learn the language, participate in social activities and gain valuable work experience. All of this can help you in your future endeavours.

Volunteer work is about helping other people in your community. It can also be an interesting and meaningful way of engaging with the local community and contributing your talents.

Volunteer jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You could do volunteer work on your own or within a team of co-workers or friends. The time commitment can differ from a few hours a day to to a one-off job. Tasks vary in complexity and specialisation. There is always a job to be found which will suit your interests and experience.

Examples include:

  • helping out at a festival or sporting event
  • reading to children
  • keeping an elderly person company
  • going food shopping for somebody.

Volunteer The Hague

Volunteer The Hague is a website specifically aimed at English-speaking residents of The Hague region. You can find an overview of vacancies and volunteer projects at www.volunteerthehague.nl.

Keep informed of the latest developments by liking the Facebook page of Volunteer The Hague or by following them on Twitter (twitter.com/VolunteerDH).

Den Haag Doet Vrijwilligersacademie

Would you like to gain more knowledge or experience through volunteer work? You could contact the Den Haag Doet Vrijwilligersacademie.

Take a look at the educational offer such as workshops, courses and training sessions at www.denhaagdoetvrijwilligersacademie.nl.

Doing volunteer work with colleagues

Would you like to do a job or project together with a team of co-workers? Companies can be socially engaged in various ways. Use your knowledge or tools once or more often to help out a charity.

Look for more information on www.volunteerthehague.nl.

Web shop for volunteers

The municipality would like to thank the city's volunteers for their selfless dedication. Volunteers get 20 credits per calendar year. You are free to spend these credits on great products, courses, training sessions and excursions.

More information and the conditions can be found at www.denhaagdoet.nl/webwinkel.

Discount card for volunteers

Volunteers can apply for the Kortingspas for free. This card provides these benefits:

  • discounts and free tickets for performances and sporting events
  • free participation in interesting workshops and courses
  • a subscription to a free magazine for volunteers

    Apply for the pass at: www.denhaagdoet.nl/waardering/kortingspas.

    Volunteers for your organisation

    Are you looking for volunteers for your social institution, sport club or company? Go to volunteerthehague.nl/look-for-volunteers/information-for-organisations.

    Volunteers for sport clubs

    Sport clubs in the Netherlands rely heavily on the work of volunteers! Can your sport club use help finding and keeping volunteers? The Municipality of The Hague provides advice and support through its Sport Support Department.

    Refund for the Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for volunteers

    Do you need a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for your volunteers? A VOG costs money. You can get these costs reimbursed on behalf of your volunteers.

    Read more about the refund for the VOG.

    Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 10 November 2017