Finding work

You may be surprised at how many highly-qualified professionals there are looking for work in The Hague. A number of recruitment agencies specialise in helping multilingual job hunters. Several employment vacancy websites offer English-language job listings.

Finding a job abroad is not always easy, particularly if you do not know the language. You would probably be surprised to learn how many job and internship opportunities there are for non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands. The hardest part is getting started and finding tips on:

  • looking for vacancies
  • presenting yourself for a job interview
  • researching the opportunities for someone with your background and experience

Job boards

There are several websites and job boards where you can find vacancies in The Hague region for native speakers and multilingual professionals. With jobs in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

Check out all the job vacancies at

When conducting a job search on a Duch website, it may be helpful to use a bit of Dutch terminology to find vacancies. Examples are 'Engels' (English) and 'Den Haag' (The Hague).

Set up your own business

If you want to set up your own business, you will first need to register with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). Becoming an entrepreneur involves a number of administrative issues. The Chamber of Commerce can advise you about the whole procedure for starting your own business.

The Local Business Counter (Ondernemersportaal) can help you regarding the rules, permits and procedures for starting  your own business in The Hague.

For information about government support for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, visit

Start up an innovative business

The Hague and the Netherlands provide a good economic and business climate for starting a company. It is possible to obtain a special residence permit for start-ups if you are starting up an innovative business.

Other tips

For information about multilingual job opportunities, international educational programmes as well as internships in the Netherlands, and specifically The Hague Region, visit the Together Abroad international career portal.

To learn how to navigate the Dutch job market as an international employee, it may be wise to attend a training course or to hire a career coach. You could also consider attending a free workshop by Volunteer The Hague.

For more information about job hunting, visit the websites of The Hague International Centre and ACCESS.

More information

The most complete and authoritative source of information for people looking for work in the Netherlands is

Wondering if you need a work permit? Visit the information on Careers in Holland.

To find information about jobs and learning opportunities throughout Europe, please visit the European Job Mobility Portal.

Published: 9 March 2020Modified: 28 April 2020