Resources for international families

Parents of small children living in The Hague do not need to look far to find the services and support needed to make their stay a success. From parenting websites to family organisations to parenting courses to support for special needs children, The Hague has many resources available for international families.

Expat clubs

Finding and making friends can go a long way towards helping you feel at home. If you are looking for activities for adults, international women's and expat clubs are a good place to start. You can choose to find one that is open to expats from all around the world or one that focuses on expats from a particular country or language.

  • I Am Expat: listing all the expat clubs and groups in the Netherland
  • Nomad Parents: online community for expat parents in the Netherlands


If you are looking for activities that include children, there are several free or very low-cost playgroups for the international community for children aged 0-5. Playgroups not only are a good way to meet other parents, but they can help you find answers to all of your questions about local services, stores and activities. You don't have to wait until your child is born to join a playgroup. Bumps & Babies groups can help connect you with people who can support you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Children's activities

There are many organised activities for babies and toddlers in The Hague. You can sign your child up for music classes, sports activities, swimming lessons, baby sensory and massage classes and even yoga. These activities are entertaining and educational and also help you to meet other parents in the area.

Nannies and babysitters

Whether you are looking for someone to come for just a single evening or want someone on a more regular basis, there are several different services in The Hague which can help you find the right individual. For a small fee, you can use the online search tools (easy to follow even if you don't speak Dutch) to find someone in your neighbourhood.

Special needs children

Families needing support for a special needs child can find excellent resources here in The Hague. English-speaking family psychologists and therapists can help address developmental and behavioural concerns. For children with special education needs, there is an international special education school in The Hague.

Prenatal and infant classes

The Netherlands is one of the highest-rated countries in the world for healthy births and the Dutch system of supporting pregnant women and delivering babies is one you'll certainly find friendly and accommodating.

Published: 7 September 2012Modified: 31 January 2020