Burgerservicenummer for privileged persons

Privileged persons in The Hague are not obliged to register with the municipality, but it is highly practical and advisable.

Increasingly, contacts between residents and the authorities (e.g. the municipality, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW)) as well as hospitals, medical specialists, the police and other services are facilitated through use of the burgerservicenummer (citizen service number/BSN).

Obtaining a BSN for new arrivals

As of January 2014 people with a privileged persons status instead will be automatically issued a BSN after they register in the Protocol Database of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will receive a letter with all of their details at their personal address.

Obtaining (new) proof of BSN

If you are registered only in the Protocol Database of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can obtain an extract by contacting the municipality or by making an online appointment.

Obtaining proof of BSN through municipality

If you are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) you can contact your municipality for a BRP extract. If you are registered in the Municipality of The Hague you can obtain this extract directly at the cash desk (no ticket number or appointment is needed).

General tax information

Exclusively for privileged persons with questions about national taxes:

Inland Revenue Department
Office The Hague
Central Desk / International Fiscal Treatment (CB/IFB)
Prinses Beatrixlaan 512
2595 BL The Hague
Telephone: (088) 152 28 11
Email: Haaglanden.CB_IFB@belastingdienst.nl

Postal address for CB/IFB

Kantoor Den Haag/Team IFB
Postbus 30509
2500 GM The Hague

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Published: 15 October 2015Modified: 19 January 2021