Proof of sponsorship (letter of invitation)

To obtain a short stay visa for the Netherlands, foreign visitors sometimes need a so-called proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation (letter of invitation).

Are you expecting visitors from abroad? Any foreign visitors who need a short stay visa for the Netherlands usually need a proof of sponsorship as well. 

A guarantor’s declaration means that a relative, friend or acquaintance in the Netherlands agrees to act as a sponsor for the costs of the stay and accommodation. This sponsor/accommodation provider completes the 'proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation' form and signs this at the municipality's offices. The civil servant can thus ensure the appropriate person(s) is/are signing the form. The signature will also be checked to make sure it matches the signature in the passport. It will then be authenticated.

The sponsor/accommodation provider then sends the form to the person requesting the visa so that they can add it to their visa application. A completed proof of sponsorship enables foreign visitors to apply for a Dutch visa at the Netherlands embassy in their home country.

Applications are processed by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and any further questions must be addressed to the IND (tel. 088 - 043 04 30). Visit the website of the IND for the application and instructions.

Notarisation of signature

You can notarise your signature for the proof of sponsorship at the Municipality of The Hague (provided you are a resident of The Hague). Read all about it under Notarisation of signature.

Published: 19 September 2014Modified: 20 October 2017