Overview of registration procedures

Moving to The Hague requires registration in the BRP (formerly the GBA). Depending on who you are, specific procedures apply.

Dutch law stipulates that all new residents need to register within 5 days if they will reside in the Netherlands longer than 4 months. You must register in your city or town of residence (and change this registration if you move to another city or town). You may also initially register using your employer's address.

And don’t forget to deregister when you leave the Netherlands.

Three famous Dutch acronyms you will encounter when you enter the Dutch administration are IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service), BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database) and BSN (citizen service number).

For information on the procedures in The Hague specific to your personal situation, please click on one of the situations below.

Registration procedures

Published: 17 October 2014Modified: 29 January 2018