Renting in the non-commercial sector

If you would like to look for a rental property outside of the commercial market, there are a number of websites you can consult. In order to be considered for the various companies’ services, you will often need to show proof of a minimum income and meet a number of basic requirements.

It is best to make an appointment with the individual companies and arrange all your paperwork in person. You’ll then know whether you may be considered for their rental properties.

The great thing about these companies is that for a small monthly service fee the building is regularly cleaned and maintained. Also in the event of reparations you can contact the company's service desk and they will usually send someone over within a few days at no extra cost to the tenant. Many apartment buildings also offer tenants a space in an underground parking garage for an extra monthly charge.

Many of the properties are centrally located in The Hague or in new housing developments at the outskirts of the city or in neighbouring municipalities, such as Leidschendam or Rijswijk, usually close to public transport.

Extra costs at the outset

Be forewarned that most of these rental properties will be bare or unfurnished (kaal) when you receive the keys. You as the tenant will have to provide flooring, fixtures, curtains etc, which will mean extra costs and considerable effort at the outset. Sometimes you may be able to 'take over' these kinds of furnishings from the former tenants but you need to be prepared to buy them.

1-year contract

Most rental companies require that tenants sign a 1-year contract, which is then automatically extended each year. In some cases, after the initial 1-year period is over, you are then obliged to give only 1 month's notice if you are moving out.

Are you searching for a house, apartment or parking unit for a rental period longer than 1 year? MVGM Wonen offers a wide selection of rental properties in various neighbourhoods in The Hague and area. You can conduct a search through

Woningcorporaties (housing corporations) in The Hague

Rules for housing corporations

The Haaglanden region (The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Westland) shares a system for apportioning living space outside the free market sector.

1. One region

All rental properties in the Haaglanden region are distributed on the basis of supply and are advertised via internet.

2. Opportunities in the rental market

You need to register with a housing corporation and renew your registration each year. This way you build up longevity. The longer the registration period, the greater your chance for a property. The system makes no distinction between people starting out on the rental market and people who want to move to a different property. The housing corporations do take emergency situations into consideration.

3. Finding a rental property

People looking for a home have to look at what’s available and react if they see something suitable. Properties are advertised via the website Woonnet Haaglanden.

4. Showing interest in a property

People looking for a home may react a maximum of 2 times per week to newly advertised homes.

5. Registration period

The most important selection criteria for a new tenant are the time he has been registered and his family situation. The housing corporations can also set income requirements.

Published: 26 August 2009Modified: 24 July 2018