Rent out your home to tourists

In The Hague it is illegal to rent out your entire home or part of your home to tourists as a holiday rental.

    Ruling by Council of State

    On 29 January 2020 the Council of State (Raad van State) determined that a formal permit is required to rent out a property to tourists (a withdrawal permit). This also applies to renting out properties to business visitors. Even if you rent out the property for only 1 day, it will be seen as withdrawing living space designated by the municipality from the housing stock.  

    New law being drafted

    The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is drafting a new national law on holiday rentals (de Wet toeristische verhuur van woonruimte). This law will provide a context for a registration and notification requirement as well as a permit for holiday rentals. Until the new law enters into force, holiday rentals will be illegal in The Hague. It is not yet known when the new law will take effect.

    Fines for tourist rentals

    • The municipality will actively track down holiday rentals of residential properties.
    • A minor violation will usually lead to a formal warning. For example if somebody rents out his own home to a tourist 1 time. A repeat offence will lead to a fine.
    • In the case of rentals to tourists or business visitors on a long-term/fixed or regular (commercial) basis, the sanction could consist of a fine or even an administrative penalty.

    Why these rules?

    Accommodation is scarce in The Hague. If people rent out residential properties to tourists or business visitors, these homes will be removed from the housing stock. Nobody will be living there. This is not allowed without a permit. In addition holiday rentals could cause problems for the neighbours. This is bad for the neighbourhood. Furthermore, holiday rentals create unfair competition for hotels. They are obliged to comply with legislation and regulations.

    Nuisance caused by holiday rentals

    Are you bothered by tourists or business visitors in your neighbourhood? You can report domestic nuisance at the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre. Choose the option housing problems ('woonoverlast'). You can then indicate that the problems are being caused by holiday rentals. Then describe how long the trouble has been going on and what it is.

    It can help you and the municipality if you keep a record over a few weeks about when you experience problems and what is involved. You can attach this record as an enclosure. The municipality will review your case and take action if necessary.

    Renting a building for short stay accommodation

    Do you want to offer accommodation in a house in which you do not live yourself? Check the rules for Renting out a building for short stay accommodation.

    Published: 22 June 2017Modified: 12 November 2020