Rent out a building for short stay accommodation

Are you a landlord and do you want to rent out (part of) a building, for example to business visitors, expats or exchange students who will spend a short time in The Hague? If so, you must abide by a number of rules.

In order to offer short stay accommodation, an initiator must usually look for a building and location where lodgings are permitted according to the zoning plan.

Rules for short stay accommodation

Before you offer a building for short stay accommodation, the municipality advises you to investigate the following matters:

  • Check the designated use of the building. For more information, visit
  • Check whether the desired use of the building is permitted according to its designated use. In the case of mixed use designations, remember that you may not always use the building according to all these designations. In this respect, take into consideration fire safety requirements and a withdrawal permit.
  • The use of a building for short stay accommodation only falls under the residential designation in exceptional cases. For this, the municipality requires a tenant to live in the house for a minimum of 4 months and to be registered at that address. This is also related to the concept that you as a landlord have in mind and the social and economic connection of the tenants with the region.
  • If the building was last used as a residence, this use must be continued. You can view the last known use of the building online on the BAG (addresses and buildings databases) viewer of the Land Register (Kadaster). For more information, visit If the designated use also allows lodgings, you must first apply for a withdrawal permit before you rent out the residential property.
  • If your desired use of the building differs from its designated use, you may request an exemption from the zoning plan. Remember what was said above about the permit to remove a residence from the housing stock. Furthermore, based on the hotel policy in The Hague, expansion of the number of places offering accommodation is only desirable in the Centrum and Scheveningen districts.
  • You must pay tourist tax.


The municipality actively tracks and enforces the withdrawal of residential properties from the housing supply.

Is the rental concept in line with the zoning plan?

Would you like to know whether your rental concept is in line with the property’s designated use? If so, contact the Housing department at the Municipality of The Hague. Send an email to If necessary, a member of staff from the Housing department will arrange a meeting with you to assess what the use of the building will be in practice (residential or lodgings) and whether this is in line with the designated use of the building.

Looking for a location for short stay accommodation?

Are you looking for a location to offer short stay accommodation? Perhaps a vacant office could be a possibility. For more information, visit

Holiday rentals

Would you like to rent out your own home to tourists or business visitors while you are away? This is illegal in The Hague.
For more information, see Renting out your home to tourists.

Published: 22 June 2017Modified: 12 November 2020