Municipal wedding venues

You can celebrate the most beautiful day of your life in The Hague. The municipality has its own location where you can get married or register your unmarried partnership. At 1 location you can also arrange a simplified or free wedding or partnership registration. The Hague also has a large number of free-choice venues where you can get married. Or you can designate a spot as a wedding venue.

The wedding ceremonies have been adapted due to the coronavirus measures. Read more on the page Changes to municipal services.

The Municipality of The Hague has its own locations where you can get married or register your unmarried partnership. The following locations are available for a fee:

View these wedding locations on a map.

No weddings or registered partnerships will be carried out on official public holidays. The municipality advises you to check whether traffic to the municipal wedding venues is being diverted or re-routed on days when large events are taking place (for example, Veterans Day and Prinsjesdag).

For a simplified or free wedding or partnership registration, you can go to Trouwlocatie Centrum.

Choose your own wedding venue

Would you like to get married at a location of your own choice? In many cases you may get married at a non-municipal location. We call this a ‘free-choice venue’. Read more under Getting married at a free-choice venue.

How long is the wedding ceremony?

The ceremony lasts a total of 45 minutes (except when it is a simplified or free wedding) from the moment the couple arrives until the guests are invited to congratulate the couple.

Reserving a wedding venue

You will need to pay the moment you make the reservation for the wedding venue.

Confetti, blowing bubbles, doves, house rules

Confetti, throwing rice or something similar, lighting fireworks and blowing bubbles is not permitted in and around the municipal wedding venues for practical reasons. It costs a lot of money to clean up rice and confetti and bubbles can cause damage, for example to paintings.

Food and drinks may not be consumed at the municipal wedding venues.

Pets are not permitted at the municipal wedding venues. Guide dogs are allowed inside.

The Municipality of The Hague advises against releasing doves at wedding ceremonies as this can put the welfare of these animals at risk.

Published: 14 April 2017Modified: 23 April 2020