Marriage booklet

A marriage booklet is a memento of your wedding day. It contains the marriage information for you and your partner. You can also include other information in it. You can request the marriage booklet at the municipality.


  • You were married in The Hague.
  • Did you get married abroad? You can have your foreign birth certificate registered with the Registry Office of the Municipality of The Hague. The condition is that 1 of the partners has Dutch nationality. Once your marriage certificate is registered you can request a marriage booklet.


  • Standard marriage booklet: € 13.80.
  • Marriage booklet with a luxurious binder: € 32.
    • Duplicate copy of standard marriage booklet: € 13.80.
    • Duplicate copy of the luxurious version: € 32.

    Fees 2020.

    You will also need to pay postage costs. After you have applied you will receive an invoice by email.

    How long does it take?

    You will get the marriage booklet during the wedding ceremony.

    Are you requesting the marriage booklet later? The municipality will send the marriage booklet to you within 15 working days. The day on which you receive it depends on the mail service.

    Good to know

    • The civil officer will place his or her signature in the booklet during your wedding. If you request a marriage booklet later, you will get the booklet without the civil officer's signature.
    • The marriage booklet is available only in Dutch.
    • You can include additional information in the marriage booklet. Such as children, witnesses, religious ceremonies and details about death.
    • You can also order a marriage booklet for somebody else. Read more under Request a civil status document for someone else.
    • Your own birth name will always be printed in your marriage booklet. Would you like the municipality to address you by another name after your wedding, for example by the name of your husband or wife? Go to Indicate your new surname.


    When notifying the municipality of your intention to marry

    • You request a marriage booklet when you notify the municipality of your intention to marry. You can choose either a standard beige marriage booklet or a marriage booklet with a luxurious blue binder.
    • You will get the marriage booklet during the ceremony.

    Requesting one later

    Have you lost the marriage booklet or would you like to request a duplicate copy? Or are you married but you did not request a marriage booklet? Then you can apply online for a duplicate copy of your marriage booklet.

    Apply for a marriage booklet

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