Arranging a marriage

When you get married, you make your relationship official by law. You also lay down your relationship rights, for example in terms of pension and inheritance. A marriage also means that you and your partner promise to take care of one another.


  • You request a marriage by giving notice of intent to marry. You do this at least 3 weeks before the planned wedding date.
  • Everyone who is of adult age can get married. People of the same gender may also get married.
  • In the Netherlands, couples automatically married in general community of property until 1 January 2018. As of 1 January 2018 new rules took effect. Married couples now automatically have limited community of property. More information can be found at
  • If you would like to be married by a civil registrar who has not been designated by the Municipality of The Hague as a civil registrar, then you can email your request to This civil registrar should be a civil registrar in another municipality in the Netherlands. There will be extra charges. This request is not possible with a simplified or free wedding.
  • The official part of the wedding ceremony (the mandatory wording) must always be done in Dutch. The rest of the ceremony can be in another language.


  • Civil wedding venue: take a look at the rates for the municipal wedding locations and for the free-choice venues. You will need to pay the moment you make the reservation for the wedding venue.
  • A civil registrar who is not a civil registrar in The Hague costs € 177.50 in 2019.
  • Are you using The Hague's own designated civil registrars? Then the costs are included in the fee for the municipal wedding venue. At a free-choice venue the costs are included in the municipal fees.
  • You can get a marriage booklet, a fee will be charged.
You can pay in cash or use a bank card at the Centrum and Escamp city offices.

Simplified or free civil wedding

There is 1 location in The Hague where a simplified or free wedding is possible.