Converting an unmarried partnership into marriage

Do you have an unmarried partnership and would you like to marry your registered partner? Then you can convert your unmarried partnership into a marriage. You can do this at either a municipal or free-choice venue or at the counter of City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office.

Preparatory talk 

Before you convert your unmarried partnership into a marriage, you will have a preparatory talk with the Registry Office.

Make an appointment for the preparatory talk.

Make an appointment

What to bring to the appointment


  • You convert your partnership at the counter: € 148.35 in 2020.
  • You convert your partnership at a wedding venue: see the rates per wedding venue.

You can pay in cash or use a bank card at City Hall Spui and the Leyweg City Office.

At a wedding venue or at the counter

  1. Converting at a wedding venue

    • During the preparatory talk you can make an appointment for the day it will be converted.
    • The details of the wedding ceremony will be discussed during the preparatory talk.
  2. Converting at a counter

    • If all the documents are approved during the preparatory talk and both of you are present, the unmarried partnership will be converted right away at the counter. You do not need to make a separate appointment to do this.

    Both partners live abroad

    Do both you and your unmarried partner live abroad? And does 1 of you have Dutch nationality? Then the Department of National Tasks (Afdeling Landelijke Taken) at the Municipality of The Hague will arrange the conversion. Call the municipality to provide your name, the name of your partner, your email address and your (foreign) telephone number. See Contact with the municipality.

    After your request is received, this department will contact you as quickly as possible to let you know which documents are needed for the conversion.