Doing volunteer work for status holders

Sign up as a volunteer to help asylum status holders find their way in The Hague. Your help is very much welcome. Help them learn and practice Dutch (or English). Or show them around their new city. There are also other ways to provide help. Such as collecting household items.

Become a volunteer

If you would like to do volunteer work in The Hague, look at the website Search this website's database for volunteer work with refugees and status holders by typing 'vluchtelingen'. You can create a profile on the website. This way organisations with relevant vacancies can contact you.

Register to help in Scheveningen district

Residents of the Scheveningen district can help the status holders living in the housing locations at Scheveningseweg 90 and Pompstationsweg 14. Register at Welzijn Scheveningen.

Giving other help

Would you would like to help but you are not able to do volunteer work? Help in another way. Check the possibilities on the website of Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland.

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    Published: 29 August 2017Modified: 16 July 2021